5 Things to Look for Before You Buy Argan Oil

5 Things to Look for Before You Buy Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the most coveted oils on the planet for its healthful ingredients that act as natural beauty remedies. However, while there are plenty of argan oil products available online, not all argan is made equal.

Before taking the plunge to try out this awesome product, you'll want to make sure you're getting real, 100% argan oil. Try to follow these steps below before committing to a product.

1. Check the Label

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No matter what you’re buying, reading the label is a good practice. Having a knowledge of what you’re using or consuming will allow you to make better, more informed decisions. Quality argan oil brands will show their certifications somewhere on their packaging. 

Argan oil should come with a USDA certification present on their packaging. This certification ensures that the argan oil (or any product) you are purchasing is produced according to federal guidelines. These guidelines regulate the manufacturing and packaging process to make sure it's done without dangerous chemicals or processes.

In addition to a USDA certification, you should also look for an ECOCERT label. ECOCERT is placed on products that meet their specifications for organic labeling. They primarily inspect food, but cosmetics like argan oil are also within their range because it comes from the argan tree.

Almost anyone can claim their products are clean and organic, but check their certifications to make sure they aren't being deceptive.

2. Note the Ingredients

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Again, checking the ingredients of your favorite foods, beauty products, and more is incredibly important in this day and age. Many products come with fillers, preservatives, and additives that are wildly unnecessary. When it comes to argan oil, less is more — literally.

When inspecting the ingredient list for argan oil there should be a single ingredient: 100% pure argan oil. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, argan oil is packed with healthful vitamins and fatty acids. Fillers can disrupt and water down these benefits. Remember, argan only needs one ingredient. 

3. Consider Country of Origin

Argan oil has an rich history rooted in Moroccan culture. For centuries, it has been harvested from the nut of the argan tree and used by the women of Morocco as a natural beauty technique. It's important to know that Morocco is the only country where the argan tree grows. Scan the packaging for a country of origin, and if it says it was produced in any other country, it's likely not true argan oil. 

4. Look at the Bottle

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You may not know it, but the bottle can tell you a great deal about the quality of the argan oil you're purchasing. Argan oil should be kept in a dark glass bottle to preserve the quality and potency of the oil. Clear or plastic containers can allow light to penetrate, breaking down the oil’s best properties. If it has a lighter container, you may not be dealing with real argan oil.

5. Use Your Senses

There are a few key indicators of 100% pure argan oil that can help you indentify the real deal. These are:


Since argan oil comes from the nut inside the fruit of the argan tree, the oil should have a mild, nutty smell. While it's a pleasant smell, it shouldn’t linger for long after application because it sinks into the skin quickly. If your oil has a strong smell that doesn’t fade, or even no smell at all, it isn’t pure argan oil.  


Unlike some other oils, argan oil shouldn't have a sticky or watery consistency. As stated above, it should easily sink into the skin within a few minutes without leaving an uncomfortable residue. Fake argan oil can leave your skin feely greasy and dirty. This is a clear signifier that it's not the real thing.


The color depends on what kind of argan oil you're purchasing. Argan oil for cosmetic use should typically be a light gold color. Argan for culinary use is a deeper, more golden brown or copper color. If your oil appears lighter or darker than its typical hue, it may be mixed with other oils that don't offer the same benefits as pure argan.

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As you can see, purchasing argan oil isn’t cut and dry. Luckily, you can nourish your body with pure, clean product by looking for these key signs of legitimate argan oil. Not sure where to start? Check out  Argan Cosmetics 100% Organic Argan Oil! We always promise pure, certified, Morrocan argan oil. Click here to treat yourself to healthy hair and skin!

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